Golf trolley for every golfer today are more common than ever .While a few golfers prefer the push golf trolley or any ordinary electric golf trolley most professional golfers went for a remote controlled golf trolley.

Out of the remote controlled golf trolleys, the MGI Controlled Golf Trolley is considered the best for people who wish to live life king size .There are many different reasons why it is considered by many the best choice for your golfing experience.

  • Speed.


Walking with your golf trolleys has definitely become easier with the invention of the MGI trolley. The trolley features a compact remote that allows you adjust the speed of the trolley according to your walking speed. It also allows you to move the trolley in all the four directions besides providing you a simple double tap action knob to increase the speed on demand.

  • Multi Function Handle Control.


This trolley is designed to bring every golfer the ultimate golfing experience. Built with a large ergonomically positioned On/Off Switch and a dial that controls the variable speed of the motor, this trolley helps the golfer to easily control the speed of the trolley without going for his remote.

  • Efficiently Portable.


If you are a golfer who frequently moves from home and away, this trolley is really apt for you. This trolley is designed in a very compact fold fashion that allows you to stow away your trolley into the trunk of your car with very little effort.

  • Secure


The MGI remote controlled golf trolley has a quick release elastic straps that  secures your golf bags easily.

  • Cheap.


Without a doubt, it is one of the cheapest choices in the golf trolley market. No where else in this world will you get all these luxury features in a single golf trolley .

The MGI remote controlled golf trolley is an excellent product that you should definitely not miss. They are popular for the main reason that they are very reliable, plus they make great results that are not attainable with other trolleys out in the market.



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