They say nothing lasts forever, and there is a lot of truth in that. Your garage door will not always be as new, hence, there will be a need to replace something or have some other things repaired. When it comes to garage door spring replacement, a lot of questions pop up, and some of them include:

  • Do I need to replace the whole garage door if there is a problem with the spring?

You may not need to replace the whole garage door. All you need is to get garage door technicians to assess the situation to determine the extent of the fault, and they would most probably suggest that you get the garage door spring replaced. The call for a total replacement of the garage door is dependent whether the door is in good shape or not.

  • Can I repair my garage spring myself?

This is dependent on whether you have prior knowledge and experience with changing the spring of a garage door. If you do not have the experience, then it may not be a safe move to have it changed yourself. It may interest you to know that the counterbalance/spring system is created in such a way that it can lift doors that are weighing more than 300 pounds, hence the torsion spring has the ability to generate a lot of torque which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

  • Can I remove the garage door spring myself and bring it to you for a replacement?

It is essential that you pay attention to safety concerns. If you have never removed the garage door spring yourself, while you may want to try the do-it-yourself approach, it is best you get the professionals to handle anything about the counterbalance/spring system, and this is so you do not hurt yourself, or damage the garage door further. Extension springs store a lot of potential energy, and in times past, people have gotten injured as a result of misuse by inexperienced people.

  • Is it expensive to have my garage door springs replaced?

There is not much variance in the prices of garage door springs, however, the cost is largely dependent on whether the spring is the cheap type, or the high-end springs. Interestingly the difference in cost between the cheap and expensive garage door spring is not much. Interestingly, most of the cost associated with garage door spring repairs or replacement goes into labor.

  • Must I get a professional garage door repairer to handle the spring replacement of my garage door, or can any engineer have it fixed?

To avoid incurring more costs as a result of misuse, and also to avoid injuries, it is best to employ the services of professionals, as they have all the technical knowhow and experience associated with the different parts and components of the garage door, including the counterbalance and spring mechanism. There are other advantages that comes with getting a professional to handle the repairs, one of which is that a lot of time gets saved.



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