Best Commercial Safes

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Commercial Safes

A safe is one of the major and critical security measures that must be put in place in a commercial setting. Safekeeping your office data and office valuables is not what you should take so lightly or be nonchalant about. While commercial safes have the major benefit of keeping your company valuable from thieves, fire, illegal access of other individuals, etc, it also important that you know the things to put into consideration when you are choosing one.

Everyone is buying a commercial safe for their companies, but do you care about maximizing the benefit? If yes, then your selection process becomes completely easy and you can maximize the benefit of your commercial safe. Here are important things to consider:

The Value Of The Items You Are Protecting

Think about the type of item you want to protect with your commercial safe. If they are less sensitive items, then less security is required. You can think of high security when you intend to safe sensitive and valuable items in your safe.

Also, you should calculate the total value of the items you are buying a safe for. This will guide you to buy a safe according to the value of the items.

Fire Resistance

Before choosing to buy a particular commercial safe for your business, you need to consider the fire resistance aspect. It should be your interest to know the fire-resistance rating of the commercial safe. Fire-resistance rating is determined by how long a commercial safe can safeguard the valuable items stored up in it without getting destroyed.

Over 80% of the businesses go bankrupt after a fire incident. Aside from structural damages, data and documents which are the most valuable aspect of a business are also lost. To prevent your data and document from fire damage, you should choose a commercial safe with a high fire-resistance rating.

The Lock Mechanism

Usually, a commercial safe lock mechanism comes in two ways, the electronic lock, and the mechanical lock. The electronic lock is popular for its high durability and high level of burglary security. You can save just anything ranging from money, data, and documents in there. With an electronic lock, it is extremely difficult for anyone to break in because it has advanced security features that prevent access.

Mechanical locks can be impractical and are much easier to access compared to the electronic lock,  but they will be available for use even when there is a power outage. We usually recommend the redundant lock which is a combination of both electronic lock and mechanical lock, which is high burglary protection.

The Size Of Your Safe

The rule of thumb is that you pick a size that is moderately bigger than the items you want to keep in your safe. Pile up the items you want to keep and measure. To choose a size, you may also need to consult with a professional. We can tell you exactly the size that is best for your items and space.




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